Zoo Max Leather Spiddy

Zoo Max Leather Spiddy
Brand: Zoo Max
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Adored by pet birds as much now as it was when it was first introduced, some classic toys such as this medium sized Fun Max Spiddy leather and wood parrot toy from from Zoo Max continue to keep birds busy year after year. Now your bird can enjoy hours of fun when you hang this Spiddy medium parrot toy in their cage. Loads of leather strips have been threaded and knotted on to an acrylic shape with even more knots and the ends, all for your birds to enjoy spending their time chewing and untying. Helping to quench your birds need to chew, the knotted leather legs hold on coloured wood blocks, these allow your bird somewhere to really sink their beak in to. Curls of soft cotton rope have also been knotted around the top of your birds Spiddy toy providing another texture for them to explore. Climbing and swinging around their Spiddy medium multi textured bird toy will make the wood shapes rattle and the toy tilt as they hang on and play. This popular bird toy from zoo-max has been designed to provide amusement which in turn ensures that your birds receives endless hours of fun and enjoyment by helping to stimulate a natural desire and curiosity to play.

Item Specifics
Species Guide Suitable for: Small Parrots & Large Parakeets, etc.
Dimensions Lenght: 23cm - Width: 10cm
Materials Wood, Rope, Leather, Acrylic, Metal
Comments Made from fully tested non harmful materials for optimum safety.

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