Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch: Large

Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch: Large
Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch: Large
Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch: Large
Polly's Tooty Fruity Perch: Large
Brand: Pollys Pet Products
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Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch Large from Polly's USA. Chewable and edible fruit flavoured perch made with real bee pollen and 100% digestible calcium. There are 22 basic elements in a bird's body: emzymes; hormones; vitamins; amino acids and others which must be renewed by nutrient intake. No one food contains them all....except bee pollen. The secret of bee pollen, bee pollen is collected by bees from the blooms of flowering plants. Bee pollen is one of nature's most concentrated broad spectrum sources of nutrients. Because pollen is the reproductive spore of plants it is nutrient rich containing a diverse supply of natural hormones and active enzymes. Pollen is a great source of free amino acids, essential fatty acids (which includes the Omega 3 fatty acids) and carbohydrates. Packed with vitamins and minerals easily absorbed by your bird. Bee pollen can be a powerful supplement for your bird. Polly's Tooty Fruity is also an incredible source of calcium which is needed for strong bones, proper muscle functions and egg development. This perch is edible but it is not a food, you still need to feed your bird a nutritious diet. The perch can be installed vertically or horizontally as you and your bird desire. It should be installed in the highest possible position of the cage, or vertically on top. Do not over-tighten when installing!

Item Specifics
Species Guide Congo Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, etc.
Dimensions Length: 30cm - Diameter: 4 to 5cm
Analysis Crude protein: (min) 1.0% Crude fat: (min) 0.1% Crude fibre: (max) <0.2% Moisture: (max) 18.0% Calcium: (min) 10%
Ingredients Calcium sulfate, bee pollen (0.5%) natural and artifical food colourings.
Comments Please note: dimensions are approximate, and may vary.

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