Polly's BioMagnetic Perch: Medium

Polly's BioMagnetic Perch: Medium
Brand: Pollys Pet Products
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The Medium BioMagnetic Perch from Polly's Pet Products USA provides a nail trimming therapeutic perch which contains multiple medical magnets designed to assist the body by regaining its self-healing electromagnetic balance. BioMagnetic therapy has been shown to improve health while avoiding the need for potentially harmful drugs. Pollys BioMagnetic perches provide comfort in joints, muscles, bones and improve blood circulation. Clinical testing has also reported a reduction in feather plucking. The rippled design has been developed to reduce pressure points by providing a variety of contact points that change every time the bird moves on the perch.

Item Specifics
Species Guide Senegals, Small Cockatoos, Lories, Ringnecks, etc.
Dimensions Length: 23cm (9")
Comments Please note: colour supplied may vary from illustrated images.

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